ミックスボイスとファルセットを自在に操り、繊細な声と叙情的な歌い方が特徴。15歳で初めてHERO/ Mariah Carey を聴いた際、歌詞の意味がわからずとも涙がでたことに衝撃を受け、音楽の奥深さに魅了され作曲を始める。
曲作りにおいてはメロディーとコトバの融合を大切にし、 人の想いを汲み取って作り上げる楽曲が評価されている。



Sky is the name for the two-member group consisting of sayaka and her sister Madoka. They started their career in 2004. After they won the grand prize in a-nation Kobe audition in 2007, they made their debut with a record label owned by a Japanese TV company in 2008. In April 2010, they made their major debut with Universal Music with “Yumehitotsu 2010 special”. The song was brought into use for Japanese professional golfer Ryo Ishikawa’s TV commercial, and it rose to number 13 on the Oricon Daily Chart. In the following year, Sky was chosen as authorized messenger by Minoh City in Osaka, Japan to promote the city. Since their love-themed lyrics touch one’s heart directly and their melodious songs catch one’s ears, they are asked to write songs for TV series, commercials and athletes for their theme songs. Once sayaka’s graceful voice and Madoka’s energetic voice unite, their own harmonies are born. People call them a “Power Spot artist”, the place where you can get positive energy.

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